Telecommunication Programme

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  • Short-term skills training (10 days to 8 weeks )
  •  graduate education training (3 to  4 years)

Those programmes are offered by our partners, after an English learning training.The skills training courses may also be delivered in French according to the number of  learners  in case their level is low. The training is 70% practical: you will be coped with technical activities ( fiber optic, micro- wave , antenna……) .The objective  is to make learners be operational immediately in the fieldso as to increase their chance in the market jobs place.


University placement program

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In Ghana and abroad

One of our goals is to help our students move to the next stage of their educational path with our placement programs. Our partnerships with other higher education entities in Africa and America make it simple. Whether you want to study in Africa or in America , Accent Language Institute network of universities and colleges will be very helpful. Everything starts with a clear understanding of your intentions and capabilities. We will advise you on career paths while making sure you understand what it takes for each choice in term of personal efforts and sacrifices. When you finally decide on the type of studies you want; we will advise on educational facilities while putting the emphasis on the specificity of each institution taking also into consideration the student's financial capabilities and choice of location.
In order to make your transition even better to other educational systems, Accent Language Institute will coach you in passing pre- enrolment exams such as GMAT, GRE , TOEFL, IETLS in some universities (England , USA, Canada, France etc..)

Summer linguitsic program

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Accent  Language Institute offers English and French courses specially designed for Francophone or Anglophones children and adolescents in the course of the year as during the school holidays. The socio-cultural and educational activities, the discoveries and various games, the excursions and sightseeing tours reinforce
the English courses in order to allow each learner to develop the best of its capabilities in a conducive environment to the learning of a foreign language

Offsite corporate training

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Accent Language Institute undertakes off site training at clients request. We are also involved in corporate trainings. Off site and corporate trainings are tailor-made programs set depending on clients’ needs and aspirations.

Contact us for more information on these specific programs.


Executive short courses

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  • International Programmes ( duration: 5days to 3months)


At Accent language Institute , short trainings Programmes are offered for the preparation of  language exams and others international tests .However the intermediate level is recommended even required for getting admission so as to prepare towards those exams.

  • Language immersion trainings for professionals ( duration: 5days to 3months)
Accent Language Institute  receives  managers and other  professionals from enterprises or institutions for intensive English  trainings in any domain of activities : administration,  various technology ….
  • Management and communication programmes
  1. Project Management
  2. Strategic human Resource Management 
  3. Communication & Customer care 


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